September 2004

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At nine months, Leo weighed 21 lb, 8 oz and measured 29.5 inches. He now eats chicken and potatoes from our plates and has mastered clapping and high-fives. He loves to dance and is really trying to talk. So far, he says 'mama' and 'baba'.


Vanaema, Mommie, and Aunt Monika

Judging at the Fair

"Unkie" Darron

Getting into trouble



Playing with Mommie

New perspective

Caught in the act

Four Generations: Grandpa, Great Grandma, Mommie, and Leo

Nana & Grandpa and all their grandkids


Duet with Jaycee

Uncle David

Aunt Gloria


Under the apple tree at Nana & Grandpa's



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