July 2005

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We've started referring to Leo as "the hardest working boy in the neighbourhood". When he wasn't busy visiting with his family and friends this month, he could be found sweeping, vacuuming, watering or lifting heavy things (and no, we aren't slave drivers). We did manage to tear him away from his work a couple of times long enough to tour an animal farm and visit friends at their cottage. Leo's favourite things to do this month were to climb up on our bed, throw his arms in the air and dive into the duvet, ride his train at full speed, eat lots of ice cream cones, and watch his favourite movie: Apollo 13.

At the animal farm

On the farm train

Driving the tractor backwards

Happy Canada Day!

Uncle Kris


Another day at the park

Watering the garden

Ice cream cone

Giving Teddy a ride

A quick drink

Visiting Saku

Car ride

Put to work again

Wheelbarrow races

With Claire ...

and Lydia at the cottage

Ketchup covered cuties

With Jana at the park

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