July 2007

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Playing in the bouncy house at Nico & Anjali's

Learning to cook from Vanaema

Leo & his new friend Oskar have lunch

Ruby & Lillian are a little more hands on

Oskar's brother Thomas visits Ruby's play pen

Ruby and Mommy

Always work to do when visiting Vanaisa

Canoeing with Uncle Kristjan

A family picnic at Hog's Back park

Taking Leo's car for a test drive

Hanging with Daddy

Ruby helps wash the car

Ruby's walking!

Roasting marshmallows

Watching the boats go by on the canal

Picking flowers

Not sure she likes the water

A trip to Prehistoric World with Nana & Grandpa

Digging up fossils

Ruby and Jennifer help


Ruby doesn't think so

That's a big one!

Finally, Vanaisa gives Leo a break

Playing ball with Vanaema

"I want to swim too!"

Building a real campfire

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