December 2007

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Leo and Spunky (who became a "pirate" after a recent eye injury)

Time to decorate the Christmas Tree

Everyone helps

Everything has to be just right

Ruby was here

All dressed up for Leo's birthday

Anxiously awaiting our guests

Craft time

Happy birthday Leo

Ruby liked the cake

Leo's new toboggan

Taking the toboggan for a test run

Ruby goes "old - school"

Lovin' it!

Investigating the tundra

One more ride - down the snowbank to our driveway!

Christmas eve finally arrives

Hanging out with Lillian

Such a lady

Playing dominoes

Vanaisa helps too

Putting out the cookies for Santa

Opening stockings on Christmas morning

Wow! Santa came

Ruby loves giving presents

A new cradle!

The firetruck he always wanted

Super Leo

Little miss attitude

Our annual visit to Santa - Leo is on his best behaviour

Ruby wants nothing to do with him

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