August 2008

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Happy 2nd Birthday, Ruby!

A trip to Saunders farm

Walk the plank!

Getting lost in the hedge maze

Worn out from the fun

Time to cool off on the splash pad

Ice cream break

Children of the corn


Playing at Nana's park

Nana thinks it's fun too

On vacation in Kingston


Waiting for the rain to stop

Back where it all began

1000 Island Boat Cruise

Ferry ride to Prince Edward County

Beach day at Sandbanks

Ruby loves the water

Daddy supervises castle construction

Running on the dunes

A steep climb

Another vacation - this one to Mont Tremblant

Walking through the village

On the Euro-Bungy

Daddy & Leo go on the luge

Ruby wishes she could go too

First, up the chairlift

Then, down the luge

Gondola ride up the mountain

Ruby was a little nervous at first

Admiring the view from the top

Taking a rest on our nature hike

Leo loves hiking

Nature up close on the trail

Ruby is a little trooper

Another day, another trip to the top

At the summit

Hiking around the summit

Practicing on the climbing wall

Next time he'll be big enough to do the real wall

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