August 2006

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The morning of the due date (July 30)

Nana & Grandpa

Ruby's first pictures

With Mama ...

... and Daddy

Meeting big brother Leo (A poke to see if she's real)

Proud Mama

Meeting Nana

Sweet big brother

Watering the garden "Leo-style"

Swimming with Vanaema

Naptime by the pool

"Everybody out of the pool!"

Cousin Lillian relaxing

Lunchtime with second cousins Hanna & Julia (Mmmm, cheese!)

Checking each other out

Birthday Party in the Park


Party boy

Face painting

Showing off those whiskers with Gaelen

Chasing games with Jessica & Evan

Time for birthday cake!

Giving Megan her present

Aunt Gloria

Great Aunt Judy

Arranging apples with cousin Becky

Cousins Jenny & Becky


Silly stories with Grandpa

Watching the boats

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