August 2005

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August was a month full of BBQs, pool parties, beach trips, cottage parties and playdates; Leo loved every minute of it. Leo's favourite things this month included blowing bubbles, eating oranges and riding his new trike, but his absolute favourite thing of all was his new found ability to hop. He's a hopping fool!

Going to a party in the park with
Emma, Jana, Alexandre, & Sarah

Swimming at the cottage

Feeding "Unkie" Drew

Quiet time with Spunky

Playdate with Colby & Dylan

Wagon ride with Grandpa


Pool party with John & Evan


Playdate with Alexandre

with Mommy

At the zoo


At the park with Megan

Going for a ride

Another photo shoot

At the beach with Uncle Kris & Aunt Anne

Walking Saku

Another party

Playdate with Megan

New trike

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